Frequently Asked Questions

Note: These are only some of the frequently asked questions.

1. Why should I use Deiplaces?

Do you love to travel and discover new places? Are you planning a trip but need help locking down accommodation? Do you love to share with others about the beauty of your country or village? Are you a business owner in the industry looking for that extra exposure? then Deiplaces is indeed the place for you!

Why,you might wonder...

-Deiplaces is a platform that allows you to publish and advertise a place. Business owners have a chance to publicize their goods or services to a vast range of people who are indeed potential clients.

-Deiplaces was created with the aim of making travel and tour less painstaking to plan and arrange.We enable clients reach their service providers for bookings and also create an environment where business owners can reach their niche for offers or promotions by a mere tap of a few buttons.We believe by bridging this gap,travel will require less pre-planning and therefore be more fun.

-At Deiplaces,we believe we all owe it to each other to share any new discoveries of places so beautiful the world should know about them.That is why we encourage socializing in both words and pictures the destinations we've been to that stayed close to our hearts.We are your one stop shop to allow your dreams fly,explore unchattered territories,and discover the world class beauty and thrill that nature has to offer.

2.How do I create an account?

To create an account with Deiplaces:

-download the app off google play store for Android and the app store for iOS.

-Click on SIGN UP

-Fill in the information required.Please note that it is mandatory to fill in all the fields and Agree to the Terms and Conditions attached to usage.

-Click on the SIGN ME UP button

-A verification link will be sent to your email,which you have to click on to be able to access your Deiplaces account.


If you have an active Facebook or Google account,you only need to click on either login with Facebook or google and your account will automatically be created.Easy as 1,2,3!!

3.How do I create a place?

First you need to make sure you have signed up and are logged into the platform. From the landing page you will see a button on your right side that allows you to create a place. Please make sure to fill in all the fields to ensure that your place becomes visible.